[vpn-help] Another user with Phase2 problems?

Hunter, Mathew Mathew.Hunter at perkinswill.com
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If your remote client is on a network with the same subnet as the local network you will typically not have vpn access.
Shrewsoft could perhaps handle this differently, but in general what will end up happening is trying to contact a host on the remote side will cause your computer to send out arp broadcasts (it will think it's local) which won't go over vpn thus no response will come back and your connection will die at layer 2.

Try changing the subnet on one of the sides and see if you have IP connectivity.

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I'm having trouble connecting to a remote network using the Shrew Soft VPN Client for Windows. I am trying to connect directly to the Cisco gateway. I have a feeling my immediate problem is with my Phase 2 connection. The ultimate goal is to access a share on a computer on the remote network (i.e. map a letter to the share).

Right now I get to the "tunnel enabled" but cannot access anything on the remote network. Looking at the log file it appears that something isn't right but I have no idea what.

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VPN Client Version = Standard Edition 2.2.2 Windows OS Version = Windows 7 Pro - SP1 Gateway Make/Model = Cisco RVS4000 Gateway OS Version = v2.0.2.7

IP Addressing---------------------
Remote Lan:
-Cisco RVS4000 is and is the DHCP server

Local Computer IP can change depending upon what it's connected to - right now it is in the same IP subnet as the remote.

Assigned IP address to VPN Client:

Cisco RVS4000 Gateway---------------
IPSec: IKE with Preshared Key

Encryption          : 3des
Authentication      : SHA1
Group               : 1024-bit
Key LifeTime        : 28800 sec

Encryption          : 3des
Authentication      : SHA1
Perfect Forward     : Enable
Group               : 1024-bit
Key LifeTime        : 3600 sec

Shrew Soft VPN Client---------------

Exchange Type       : aggressive
DH Exchange         : group 2
Cipher Algorithm    : 3des
Hash Algorithm      : SHA1
Key LifeTime        : 28800 sec
Key Data limit      : 0 Kbytes

Transform Algorithm : esp-3des
HMAC Algorithm      : SHA1
PFS Exchange        : group 2
Compress Algorithm  : disabled
Key LifeTime        : 3600 sec
Key Data limit      : 0 Kbytes

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