[vpn-help] Issue with Domain Login feature

Joseph Moran Joseph.Moran at elias-brothers.com
Wed Jan 28 15:21:06 CST 2015

I'm trying to use the domain login feature on one of my company laptops which connects to the Internet via a Wi-Fi LTE hotspot.

When logging into Windows (7, 64-bit) with the pre-Windows ShrewSoft option, it usually gets me in after a loooooong delay (several minutes at least), but then there is no connectivity to remote resources via the VPN.

Further examination indicates that the IKE Daemon and IPSEC Daemon services are both not running. I can start them manually and then connect to the VPN post-Windows login, but this obviously defeats the purpose of logging into AD and the VPN at the same time.

If I log into Windows normally, those two services seem to start and run normally and connecting to the VPN at that point is not a problem.

Does anyone have an idea why these two services might fail to start successfully when using the domain login feature?

Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Joseph Moran

Tel: 239-280-5250
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