[vpn-help] can't load app _ Error 0X00000006 and 0x80070005

Daniel J. Schaible dschaib at msn.com
Wed Oct 7 13:55:14 CDT 2015

Well I ran through this and had to run DISM to get a clear SFC. Did all the
rest suggested and still get the same complaints from the loader..


"couldn't install the network component; Possible cause: Access denied.
Error: 0x80070005" and the final complaint of  "install select driver
failed. Error: 0X00000006".


Would be great if the Shrewsoft people would maybe weigh in here.


Any other apps that anybody might suggest. Was using Cisco prior to the
Windows 10 upgrade.




Dan Schaible



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You can try this ; if it a new Windows 10 install then run the following


Run Cmd as Administrator

Sfc /scannow (enter)

This will take 20 to 40 mins and will fix any Windows 10 install errors ; I
know I had some when I upgraded my VPN Client stopped and this fix the

Run CMD as Administrator

Ipconfig /flsushdns (enter)

Netsh (enter)

Winsock (enter)

Reset (enter)


Now run the installation as Administrator and see if it install correctly.




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Subject: [vpn-help] can't load app _ Error 0X00000006 and 0x80070005




I have turned off all virus, spam, firewall. Run the loader as
administrator. Deleted the Cisco VPN app used pre Windows 10. Rebooted. I
just cannot get past the "install select driver failed" and the final
complaint of "couldn't install the network component; Possible cause: Access


I am willing to give it another try if you actually believe we can fix this.







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