[vpn-help] Copying Shrew VPN Client profile to another Windows profile (because of Domain Server rebuild....)

Jan de Vries jg.devries at digital-deal.nl
Wed Oct 14 14:06:43 CDT 2015


I'm new to the Shrew VPN Client Support.
Installed the product 5-6 months ago on Win8 x64 to Cisco environment.
Worked like a charm, after some fiddling with the settings, from day 1 until ....
I had to rebuild the Windows Domain Server in the office (due to weird DNS issues)
As such I had to re-enter the Windows Domain again from this Workstation and then
the problems started.

I looked up the file structure of Shrew Soft VPN and copied this to the same location
in the new User profile. The configuration file was unchanged but I'm unable to
connect again to the same Cisco.

So somewhere something is stored I don't know.
Stuff was legally bought and paid for. Reinstallation then forces the contract obligations
and I expect that the software (haven't tried) will lift its index finger to me...;-)

I've looked around in doc, nothing there for this situation.
Als not in the VPN Client help archives.
Therefore the question how to do it in a proper way.
I need the software rapidly again, used for downloading customer CDR's from the Telco.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.
It is evening now in the Netherlands so I might reply tomorrow.


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