[vpn-help] After Win10-Upgrade: wrong DNS querried / DNS priority wrong?

Andreas Kolbe shrew.net at mail.zknet.de
Mon Oct 26 10:30:14 CDT 2015

Dear Shrew-community,

I'm a Shrew-user for 2-3 years now - using Shrew Standard together with a Fritzbox (german router model), never had any troubles.

Now after upgrading my running Win8.1 installation to Win10 I experience trouble because DNS resolution stopped to go against my DNS at home.

VPN connection is established. As long as I use IP-addresses everthing is fine. If I do a "nslookup <hostname>" (.101 being my DNS at home) I get the resolved IP for my internal host at home (so I reach the DNS) but "nslookup <hostname>" clearly delivers an answer from the standard-DNS from my local DNS.

Within the VPN Site Configuration I have the following settings (excpert of what I consider to be relevant):

Enable DNS : ON
Obtain Automatically : OFF
Server Address #1 :
Server Address #2-4 : -empty-
DNS Suffix Obtain Automatically : OFF
DNS Suffix: <correct suffix>

Enable WINS : OFF

Policy Generation Level : shared
Maintain Persistent Security Associations : OFF
Obtain Topology Automatically od Tunnel All : OFF
Remote Network Ressource : Include /

Does anyone have a hint on what to do? Tried uninstall and reinstall. Is this about DNS priorities? How do I influence this...? What puzzles me: On a second machine, I did a clean Win8 install, upgraded to Win10 and THEN installed Shrew VPN... this is working fine!

Help is really appreciated. - Thanks!
Best regards from Germany

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