[Vpn-help] 1.1.0 observation (bug? Maybe)

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Thu Oct 5 11:17:34 CDT 2006

Peter Eisch wrote:
> As soon as I put a config in the wild, things seemed to melt.  I'm not fully
> sure of the scenario or how to correctly gather the information to fix it.
> The details go like this:
>   XP system is on a LAN, full DHCP -- nothing static.
>   The vpn is established (NAT-T:both);
>   vpn interface is properly populated, routing is correct
>   DNS config is properly defined
> Every so often, DNS queries will be presented to the LAN interface's DNS.
> In most cases, so what.  For internal resources, this can be a killer.
> This could have been here all along.  When I do my testing, I spent way more
> time hitting resources out on the net than I did with internal
> servers/systems.  In the wild 'round these parts the vpn is used primarily
> for internal access and if they want to roam the 'net they simply drop the
> VPN.
> What is the right stuff to collect to help nail this down?  Is there a way
> to simply remove the other DNS server entries?
> peter 


	Does your gateway provide split DNS or is there only a DNS server provided?



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