[Vpn-help] Problem connecting appears to be related to vnet adapter creation

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Thu Oct 26 10:45:39 CDT 2006

Michael Richardson wrote:
> I can’t connect Shrew to pfSense. I’m confident that all packets are 
> making it in both directions. The errors at each end don’t seem to 
> correspond with each other. Ideas?

Did you upgrade racoon to a newer version? Pfsense bundles a version of 
racoon that is very old.

> racoon: ERROR: phase1 negotiation failed due to time up. 
> 5d9874c7a92db2be:bceccc9f08b1dd17
> *LogFile.txt clip from Windows end using Shrew:*
> * *
> DB : config dereferenced ( ref count = 0, config count = 1 )
> DB : phase1 sa dereferenced ( ref count = 0, phase1 count = 1 )
> DB : tunnel dereferenced ( ref count = 2, tunnel count = 1 )
> CallClassInstaller(REGISTERDEVICE) failed, error code = 0xe000020d
> ii : unable to create vnet adapter ...

Did you answer yes to all the kernel driver install questions? It isn't 
able to create the virtual network adapter. Could you try rebooting the 
windows machine and see if you are still getting this error? I have seen 
problems with creating the initial device but thought these were all 
resolved. Let me know if this problem persists.



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