[Vpn-help] iked start script, Feisty 32 bit

charles morrison charlie2 at ledgible.com
Sat Sep 1 09:05:44 CDT 2007

Matthew Grooms wrote:
> charles morrison wrote:
>> Any reason you couldn't use the skeleton script /etc/init.d/skeleton 
>> to make a script to start iked on boot, and then use a desktop icon 
>> to start the /usr/bin/ikea VPN when you want to connect?
> Charles,
> These sound like good ideas. Do you mean you as in me :) 
> Unfortunately, I don't have time to research every Linux and BSD 
> platform to add automatic support for this in the install procedure. 
> Its usually a job left to platform package maintainers. My hope is 
> that the software will be picked up by a few distributions and then 
> users won't have to compile from source. At that point, things should 
> just just work. Until then, the software will need to be compiled and 
> installed by an end user.
I understand.

I was just wondering if there were a reason it would not work. I have
already used the skeleton script and modified it to make it start iked
on boot, but iked does not start using my script, so I was wondering if
there is any reason in the way you made iked start that would prevent
loading on boot with everything else.

The init.d script starts daemons for other programs and allows the user
to start/stop/restart, and set run priority levels. I am trying to add
Shrewsoft to init.d. I will work on getting it to work and when I finish
will post it for the list.

Example: Are there other daemons that are required to be running before
starting the VPN? I am sure the ethernet connection daemon must be
started. Any others?

My goal is to make an icon on the desktop that will start iked and ikea
when I want to use the VPN. I am attempting to do this using init.d. If
you have another suggestion, I'll look into it.

Charlie Morrison

Linux Fest is here in Columbus the end of the month. I'll bring up
putting Shrewsoft into a distribution when I attend.

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