[Vpn-help] Lessons Learned

Mark Voltz mark.voltz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 20:53:30 CDT 2007

...so I got the client compiled correctly with help from this mailing list,
but still couldn't get connected to my vpn at work.  Now that pain is just a
distant memory...

(This is just an FYI for others who may be struggling with the same thing.)

Ikea settings that worked for me...YMMV:

General Tab: left pretty much default except for the host name

Client Tab: didn't change anything here either

Name Resolution Tab: everything looks good here...

Authentication Tab: A-HA!  My company use pre-shared keys and AD
authentication, so Mutual PSK+XAuth is the way to go.
{subtabs under Authentication}
   Local Identity Tab: Was set to "IP address" and had no other options (I
was confused).  Solution: Click on the Phase 1 tab and choose "Agressive
Mode" instead of "Main" mode... now go back to the Authentication tab and
you'll be able to choose FQDN from the dropdown menu.
   Remote Identity Tab: Left alone
   Credentials Tab:  filled in the pre-shared key value

Phase 1&2 Tabs: As you may have already done. Exchange Type is set to
"aggressive".  Make sure your DH group matches as well...

I hope this helps.

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