[Vpn-help] Feisty 32 bit network browsing

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Wed Sep 5 19:52:03 CDT 2007

charles morrison wrote:
> I tried your suggestions and seem to have the same problem.

Hmmm, well thanks for making the attempt.

> I did have to use sudo make install, sudo setkey -F, sudo setkey -FP, 
> sudo /etc/init.d.iked stop, and sudo /etc/init.d/start to get it 
> working. I don't know if the use of root permissions has anything to do 
> with this or not. Also, when I initially tried to setkey, an error 
> message told me to install ipsec-tools using apt-get, which I did. Just 
> to make sure there were no unknown dependencies, I went through the 
> updates again, but no difference. Also, I disabled zeroconf in the 
> Kubuntu GUI under system settings>network settings.

The install process and service control would require root access.

>  Also note that once disconnected from the VPN, I no longer have a valid 
> internet connection. Even Firefox doesn't work anymore. I can't bring up 
> Google. Tap0 does start when I connect and vanishes when disconnected. 
> The IP address for tap0 is a valid IP from our network and is the same 
> address as assigned when I use the Windows client.

That is strange if the route table looks the same before the connection 
attempt as it does after. Have you checked your resolv.conf file after 
the connection attempt? The iked process writes DNS settings to this 
file but should backup and restore it automatically.

> The message not replacing default route through eth0 looks suspicious to 
> me. Also, the DNS entries do not look correct.

The message is coming from pppd though. Could you please bump up the 
iked log level to debug, restart iked and send me the output from a 
connection attempt in a private email. I would like to see what its up 
to. Were you using a ppp adapter before? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, 
but you are manually specifying remote networks using the policy tab in 
both the windows and linux remote site configurations right?



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