[Vpn-help] network shares && smbclient -L - connection refused

Stefan Bauer stefan.bauer at plzk.de
Mon Apr 7 05:39:42 CDT 2008

* mgrooms <mgrooms at shrew.net> [07.04.2008 12:28]:
> Have you tried lowering the MTU on the virtual adapter?

Yes, it's still 1300 bytes.

> What happens when you enable the WINS check box in the site configuration
> and manually configure a bogus WINS server address? Does this change the
> NetBIOS over TCP/IP setting for the adapter? I may be making the ill
> assumption that if WINS is not specified, NetBIOS should not be used.
> Please let me know how this turns out.

Yes, now the NetBIOS over TCP/IP thingy has gone in the ipconfig /all
output. But still no connection can be established.

praxisserver:~ # smbclient -L \\
added interface ip= bcast=
error connecting to (Connection refused)
Error connecting to (Connection refused)
Connection to failed

praxisserver:~ # tcpdump src or dst host and not port 22
tcpdump: listening on eth0
12:27:12.707850 praxisserver.local.33290 > vpn3.netbios-ssn: S
1705553279:170555              3279(0) win 5840 <mss
1460,sackOK,timestamp 1799066 0,nop,wscale 0> (DF)
12:27:12.708271 vpn3.netbios-ssn > praxisserver.local.33290: R 0:0(0)
ack 170555              3280 win 0

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