[Vpn-help] Kubuntu 7.10 with Shrewsoft 2.1.0

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Sat Feb 23 00:20:05 CST 2008

charles morrison wrote:
> Matt,
> I got the latest version today and installed it under Kubuntu 7.10 and 
> am having trouble getting it to work again.
> Message is :
> config loaded for site 'alidataVPN'
> attached to key daemon ...
> peer configured
> iskamp proposal configured
> esp proposal configured
> client configured
> local id configured
> remote id configured
> config error : auth-mutual-psk undefined
> detached from key daemon ...
> Log file is attached, running under debug.
> I appreciate any ideas.
> Charlie Morrison


Thanks for the bug report. Did you invoke ikec directly on the command 
line or did you use ikea to start it? The reason I ask is that the file 
format was changed slightly in the latest round of commits. I also added 
code that implements site configuration file format versioning which 
performs automatic updates to files that are not of the current version. 
The catch is that the format update process only happens when you launch 
ikea :) That means you will need to run it at least once so your site 
configuration files are updated to the new version before you can to use 
them with ikec.

There probably needs to be a check in ikec for configuration files that 
use an outdated format version. This would provide a cue for users when 
an update is necessary. Does this sound reasonable?



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