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>> Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 17:32:19 +0100
>> From: "Markus Stockhausen" <markus.stockhausen at collogia.de>
>> Subject: [Vpn-help] Browsing Windows Network Shares
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>> Hallo everybody.
>> I'm very happy to have finished a VPN Setup with the (fabulous)
>> Shrew VPN Client and a Juniper Netscreen SSG-140 using Certificates
>> and XAuth. Everything runs like a charm on my Windows PC (DNS,
>> Routing, ...). But there is one thing left I cannot get to work:
>> Browsing of Network Shares. At the moment I end up with getting
>> the Logon Screen displayed and I enter my username and password and
>> afterwards the system hangs.
>> I tried to supply the DNS/WINS IP addresses in the client
>> directly and everything I suspect to be not provided by the
>> Firewall device. I'm quite stuck and do not know what type of
>> debug output I could provide to narrow down the reaseon of this
>> problem.
>> Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
>> Markus
> Markus,
> I have similar problems using a Linux client connected to a NT4 server
> over Shrewsoft. The connection sometimes takes 5 minutes to actually
> give me a directory. I have not determined if the problem is with the
> connection or with the aircard and aircard service I am using.
> I suggest attempting to connect and browse and wait 10 minutes to see if
> you have a directory or not. Maybe we have a common problem. I suspect
> it is related to DNS not working properly.
> Charlie Morrison

After the VPN is up, open a cmd window and run the commands 'net stop
dnscache' followed by 'net start dnscache' and see if _everything_ starts
working right away.


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