[Vpn-help] Windows Shares - second try

Markus Stockhausen markus.stockhausen at collogia.de
Wed Mar 5 15:49:06 CST 2008

According to the replies to my last post I tried out
some ways to get Windows networks shares up and
running through an VPN tunnel. Sadyl I have to report
that both of the following solutions did not solve
my problem:

- Wait some time before accessing network shares.
Even waiting for more than 20 minutes did not help

- Restart the Windows DNS cache via the command
net stop/start dnscache

But at least I got a little bit further. At the moment
I can complete the following steps reproducably:

- Enter \\computername\share in the Windows Explorer.
- A popup will apear that asks for my Login informations
- After some timeout I get the message that the connection
cannot be established.
- Open a command prompt and enter the command
net use x: \\computername\share
- The new driver letter will be shown in the explorer
- When I want to open it I get the message that the local
device name is already in use and the operation is aborted.

In my opinion this can be only a minor problem. As I
told in my last post the same setup with the Windows
L2TP-IPSEC Connection works out of the box.


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