[Vpn-help] Windows Shares - second try

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Wed Mar 5 17:36:39 CST 2008

Markus Stockhausen wrote:
> According to the replies to my last post I tried out
> some ways to get Windows networks shares up and
> running through an VPN tunnel. Sadyl I have to report
> that both of the following solutions did not solve
> my problem:
> In my opinion this can be only a minor problem. As I
> told in my last post the same setup with the Windows
> L2TP-IPSEC Connection works out of the box.


Alright, so everything works except for communicating with the SMB file 
server. Can you ping the file server? Is the file on the same subnet as 
other hosts you can communicate with? Are there other services running 
on file server that you may be able to test the connection with ( ftp, 
telnet, etc )? Is the file server multi-homed?



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