[Vpn-help] Linking to Symantec 360R device

Michael Savage msavageca at yahoo.ca
Mon Nov 10 16:51:54 CST 2008

I need to connect to this device as Symantec is not releasing a Vista client.

So, I've been attempting to get it working.

It seems to connect alright, except for bringing up the tunnel This times out.

!) Have I successfuy connected to the device, if I get this far?
2) If so, what could be the timeout problem? i.e. where in the config can I set this, or is it in the device?
3) IF not, what am I missing. The device uses a shared secret key and has 2 keys for phase 1. (I see no setting in the device for Phase 2 parameters) Do I understand this as well?

Thanks in advance,

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