[Vpn-help] New 2.1.4 release - dialup problem

Joerg de la Haye haye at lab-quade.de
Mon Nov 17 05:44:43 CST 2008

Hi Matthew,

I installed the latest 2.1.4 on my Vista64 and I've got a reproducable
problem, the new dialup option in Vista isn't useable because of
some sort of DNS blocking.

As I tested the new dialup option with the beta a few weeks
ago it did work at first glance (as I wrote you). But I set up my 
tunnels during the same session, so I didn't realize the problem then.
The problem occurs if the dialup interface goes down and up again, e.g.
if I travel by train and I use my cellular data card for internet
access. So you change your access points very often in conjunction with
longer periods of no internet access at all.

It goes like this:

I uninstall the VPN client (2.1.4), reboot my system and install 2.1.4
again, then I can connect without any problems with my dialup adapter.
Everything else like mail, ssh and browsing works fine as it should,
with and without a VPN tunnel enabled, everything is fine.

The problem appears after the dialup adapter goes down - it doesn't
matter if I disable it manually to remove the data card or it goes down
  because of losing connection to a cellular access point during
travelling by train. If I reconnect and the dailup adapter goes up, I 
can ping any IP address like before, but DNS doesn't work any longer.
"ping <IP>" works, but "ping <hostname>" doesn't, neither nslookup does.
I can connect to a host via ssh e.g. if I connect to its IP
address, but not to its domain name.

Setting the DNS server IP manually doesn't help, although the same DNS
server did work the first time and the server is reachable by ping.

I can't establish a VPN tunnel with your client then even if I connect
to the IP address.

The only solution is to remove the Lightweight Filter, but it's not
enough to disable it, I have to remove it at all. After that I can use
my internet access as normal, but unfortunately without your VPN client,
of course.

If I uninstall and reinstall again I'm back at No. 1 above...

The problem is dialup-only, if I skip steps 5 & 6 and use a wired 
connection in my office everything works fine, but I can't use the 
dialup connection then until I completely remove the Lightweight Filter.

Do you have any idea? What information would help you do it narrow down?


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