[Vpn-help] Unix software components renamed ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Sun Nov 23 16:59:40 CST 2008


Just wanted to send out another quick notice for folks that may be 
compiling the head version ( 2.2.x ) from source. The UI components have 
been renamed from ikea and ikec to ikea-qt and ikec-qt respectively. 
Also note that Shrew Soft libraries are now built as shared objects and 
have gained an ss prefix to avoid name space conflicts. For example, the 
idb library now has a base name of libss.idb.so and will be loaded by 
applications at run time.

These changes were necessary for a few reasons. The UI components were 
renamed to avoid conflicts with any new front ends that may be added. 
For example, I plan to add a command line version of ikec for use with 
systems that don't have xwindows installed. If there is enough demand, I 
may also add gtk versions of the UI components which would then be named 
ikea-gtk and ikec-gtk respectively. The mass conversion to shared object 
library format was required to more easily introduce support for Mac OSX 



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