[Vpn-help] shrew plugin for bartpe/winbuilder/winpe etc

Harondel J. Sibble help at pdscc.com
Tue Nov 25 11:33:31 CST 2008

Anyone working on a Shrew plugin for the various Windows XP Boot CD's?

I've been working with a few clients that have mixed offices (linux, windows, 
osx) and using client certs for remote authentication and one of the things 
we've been looking at is creating a bootable cd serialized (and with a 
personal cert) per user for remote access so they can boot the cd and we can 
_mostly_ avoid having to worry about the state of their home computers, 
malware infections etc. I say mostly as there are hardware and firmware 
exploits for keyloggers and such coming out, but they are not all that widely 
deployed yet.

I know I can do this reasonably easily with a linux boot cd, but wondering if 
anyone's done anything for this using the windows Shrew client.

In all cases there is an extensive IPSec infrastructure in place so using 
OpenVPN or other ssl vpn is not an option.
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