[Vpn-help] IPSec over TCP?

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Mon Nov 24 23:35:23 CST 2008

Robert wrote:
> When using the cisco client, keeping the 'udp over tcpip' still works 
> internally. Can you think of another reason why the cisco client is able 
> to work while shrew can't? Perhaps there is another shrew vpn setting I 
> can change?

Is it able to connect but not pass traffic or can it not connect at all? 
If memory serves correctly, the Cisco VPN Client uses adaptive measures 
when attempting to connect with a gateway. If it can't reach the peer 
using UDP/500, it will try the other methods automatically. You should 
be able to determine the actual connection method by enabling the Cisco 
client log output.


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