[vpn-help] BSOD/crash worse in beta 4

Stuart Hall stuart at daern.org
Mon Mar 1 02:14:16 CST 2010

To add to the mix, I've not seen any stability problems here apart from:

1. The iked service was crashing on me every few hours last week.
Reboot seemed to cure (sorry, no logs - I was too busy!)
2. Known issue when placing PC into suspend when the VPN is connected.
This always result in a BSOD after an extended delay

Win7 x86_64, latest beta 2.1.6 beta 4.


On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 5:24 PM, Tim Mensch <tim-shrewsoft at bitgems.com> wrote:
> I've been running 2.1.5 successfully for several weeks on my laptop,
> where it would crash once or twice per day on my desktop. In preparation
> for submitting my last bug request, I decided to try 2.1.6 beta 4 on my
> laptop.
> That was yesterday. Later yesterday, I got a BSOD/crash, and this
> morning my laptop failed to return from sleep, which it hasn't done for
> months. I haven't analyzed the minidump yet to be sure it's the
> ShrewSoft client, but for now I'm rolling back to 2.1.5. I could send
> the minidump if you want to take a look.
> As a reminder, my desktop and laptop are both Windows 7 x64; my desktop
> is an i7, my laptop a Centrino 2.
> Tim
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