[vpn-help] BSOD/crash worse in beta 4

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Tue Mar 2 23:46:13 CST 2010

On 2/26/2010 12:24 PM, Tim Mensch wrote:
> I definitely continued to see a crash with 2.1.6 beta 3 on my i7 desktop
> (it runs 8 concurrent threads). When I checked the minidump files, it
> was crashing in a completely different place than 2.1.5 crashed, though.
> I've already forwarded all minidumps to Matthew off-list.
> I haven't tried 2.1.6 beta 4 on my desktop, since 2.1.5 rc3 was actually
> stable on my laptop (also Windows 7 x64, but only 2 threads and not as
> fast). Next week I'll try beta 4 on my desktop, but since I just got a
> BSOD on my laptop using beta 4, I'm not eager to do the experiment.

Hi Tim,

FWIW, I also have Windows 7 64bit running on an i7 desktop with 4 cores 
( looks like 8 in the task manager ) and 8G of RAM. It also makes sense 
that a crash would not occur in the same place with 2.1.6 vs 2.1.5 as 
the driver code has changed.

Can you please try the new beta 5 on your desktop and see if the client 
is more stable? There were a few fixes for a problem where IPv6 packets 
were being incorrectly parsed as IPv4 packets. This could correct the 
issue you are seeing from the look of the minidump you forwarded me.

If you see another crash with beta 5, please forward me the minidump. 
Maybe I will notice something more telling this round. I am trying :) 
It's just difficult to fix issues when I can't reproduce them locally.



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