[vpn-help] Win7x32 and vpn-client-2.1.6-beta-5 -- still cannot hibernate/standby when VPN active

Michael Silano msilano at silano.net
Tue Mar 2 16:21:53 CST 2010

UPDATED for beta5.  Sadly, issue still exists.

This is an issue that exists for me on 2.1.5-release, and still
exists with 2.1.6-beta-4 and 2.1.6-beta-5.

Thinkpad T60/Windows 7 32-bit.

Symptom:  Unable to standby/hibernate with active Shrew VPN connection.

With 2.1.5, this would cause a BSOD.
With 2.1.6-beta-4 and 2.1.6-beta-5, machine simply hangs - it is trying to go to standby,
but is unable to.  Disk continues to spin, monitor is already blank, and
the laptop never enters standby.

Matthew - please let me know what I can do to help troubleshoot this.



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