[vpn-help] IKE service drops something. Breaks connections...

Christian Wattengård christian.wattengard at sensus.no
Tue Mar 2 15:59:15 CST 2010

All the machines are on the same network 10.1.1.x
The routes are set pr ip. with as the gw and as mask.
Which machine stops responding is semi-random. If I try to connect to all the machines right after connecting to the VPN they all respond like normal.

The normal "flow" is somewhat like this:
I start the pc.
I connect to the VPN because I need to connect to the SQL server. This works nicely. After a while, I need to connect via RDP to our appserver to restart some apps and such, however the appserver does not respond.
If I then disconnect the vpn-client, stop the IKE service (using the trace utility), start the IKE service and reconnect the vpn-client, I can again connect to the RDP server. And since I'm already doing SQL work, I reconnect the SQL Management Studio aswell. Now the connection to these two servers will work perfectly, even if I disconnect and reconnect.
However, if I disconnect the RDP-server for a longer while, then try to reconnect again, it randomly may or may not work. If it doesn't want to connect, I again have to go through the stop-start of the IKE service. Then it works again.

If you need any specific info, logs or files, let me know. I have glanced at the logs, beeing a developer myself, but I don't really know what I'm looking for...


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Am 02.03.2010 10:28, Christian Wattengård schrieb:
> I use Windows 7/64 to connect to a VPN at our webhost. Everything works fine in XP/Vista 32 with the Cisco client.
> When connected via VPN I have access to 5 different machines. However, if I work only on two of them for a while without connecting to the other three, it just shuts them out. No reply to ping or anything. To be able to connect to them I have to disconnect the VPN-client, stop the IKE service, start the IKE service, reconnect the VPN. Then I can get access.


are all of the five machines on the same network?
To be honest it's hard to reproduce such cases with only spare


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