[vpn-help] Windows 7 64bit connectivity

Victor Janulaitis victor at e-janco.com
Thu Mar 4 22:59:11 CST 2010


On a Windows 7 64 bit machine when I have the VPN connecting my local
machine to the host machine and do any browser access to the sites on my
remote machine access to the sites is SLOW (looks like dial up speed).  In
addition when I do FTP access the connection disconnects as well as when I
do a lot of emails the connection to the host is broken.

When I disconnect the VPN my browser access to the host machine is fast.  

When connected via the VPN when I do a tracert to mysite.com there are only
two hops the host server and then mysite.com.  With the VPN disconnected
when I do the tracert mysite.com I get 18 hops with the last two being the
one I got when the VPN was connected. 

To Reproduce:

1.       Have VPN disconnected

2.       Browse  page that resides on the host server

3.       Hit refresh to see speed

4.       Connect to remote site with Windows 7 VPN

5.       Hit refresh to see speed



VPN Client Version = 2.1.5

Windows OS Version = Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit


With windows 7 there is no option that I could find to set the log output
level to debug




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