[vpn-help] Shrew Client and routing through AVM Fritz Router 7270

Rainer Budde rbudde at rwh-ia.de
Mon Mar 8 04:28:45 CST 2010

Daer all,


I've severaly VPN Clients with Shrew Client Software and everything works without any problem except one VPN-Client. The VPN-configuration on the router is for all the same except the PSK-Password.


My colleague has a strange behaviour with the Shrew VPN Client and a AVM Fritz Router 7270 (latest firmware is installed). He has at home a AVM Fritz Router 7270 and tries to dial-in in our company via VPN with a notebook. If the notebook is connected via network cable, everything works fine - no problems! He can dial-in and access to the network, mails servers, web servers aso. 


But if he is connected to the Wireless LAN he couldn't access to the VPN-Router (LANCOM 1711+ latest firmware). He can ping the LANCOM VPN-Router and he can access to all other internet services but if he try to make a VPN connection the connection immediately fails with the message "negotiation timeout" and "detach from the key daemon". 


Addionally, now the strange behaviour: If my colleague uninstalls the Shrew VPN Client, restarts the PC and reinstalls the client (and deactivates the ShrewSoft DNS Proxy Daemon) without a restart the VPN connection works without any problem. If he restarts the PC it doesn't work again. He can reproduce it everytime!


Here some configuration data of the VPN client:


- Windows 7 - 64bit


- VPN Client: 2.1.5

- General Tab:

  - Hostname: vpn.my-domain.de 

  - Port: 500

  - Auto Configuration: ike config pull

  - Address Method: Use a virtual adapter and assigned address

  - MTU: 1380

  - Obtain Automatically: Yes

- Client Tab:

  - NAT Traversal: enable

  - NAT Traversal Port: 4500

  - Keep-alive packet rate: 15 sec

  - IKE Fragmentation: enabled

  - Maximum packet size: 540 Bytes

  - Enable Dead Peer Detection: Yes

  - Enable ISAKMP Failure Notifications: Yes

  - Enable Client Login Banner: Yes

- Name Resolution Tab

  - All items "Enabled" and "Obtain Automatically" is set

- Authentication Tab

  - Method: Mutual PSK + XAuth

  - Local Identity:

    - Local Identifier: Key Identifier

    - Key ID String: name of user

  - Remote Identity:

    - Local Identifier: Key Identifier

    - Key ID String: name of user

  - Credentials Tab: 

    - Pre Shared Key: value of PSK

- Phase 1 Tab

  - Exchange Type: aggressive

  - DH exchange: group 2

  - Cipher Algorithm: auto

  - Hash Algorithm: auto

  - Key Life Time limit: 86400 Secs

  - Key Life Data limit: 0 Kbytes

  - Enable Check Point Compatible Vender ID: No

- Phase 2 Tab

  - Transform Algorithm: auto

  - HMAC Algorithm: auto

  - PFS Exchange: group 2

  - Compress Algorithm: disabled

  - Key Life Time limit: 3600 Secs

  - Key Life Data limit: 0 Kbytes

- Policy Tab

  - Maintain Persistent Descurity Associations: No

- Obtain Topology Automatically or Tunnel All: Yes


At the moment I don't know where the problem is located. Is this problem a router problem (with cable it works, with Wireless LAN not), or a client problem (It runs with new installation and without any restart)? Has anybody a idea for this problem(s)?


Kind regards


Rainer Budde


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