[vpn-help] ODP: Shrew and RSA authentication with Cisco devices

Ireneusz Kowalski irekkowalski at o2.pl
Wed Mar 17 14:04:39 CDT 2010


I have the same problem as Stefano Lassi.
I try connect to ASA with RSA+XAuth, but I can't establish vpn connection.

Can anybody help us?


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Od: Stefano Lassi <stefano.lassi at dastech.biz>
Wyslano: 17 marca 2010 13:19
Do: vpn-help at lists.shrew.net
Temat: [vpn-help] Shrew and RSA authentication with Cisco devices

I'm using, with very good success, Shrew VPN Client in order to connect Cisco VPN gateways (IOS, ASA/PIX, VPN3000), using PSK authentication.
Now, I'm trying to connect to same Cisco VPN gateways using Ibrid (RSA + XAuth) authentication, without success.
Main problem I got is Cisco VPN Server seem not recognizing VPN Group (profile), normally specified using certificate OU field.
I tested few different client authentication "Identification Type" options (ASN.1, Key Identifier, etc.) without success: Cisco gateways report no "group association" were present from client request.
Somebody has got some hints how configure Shrew VPN Client to correctelly propose right OU field <-> VPN profile association to Cisco VPN Gateways (correct OU mapping is already correctelly in place on VPN servers, because they are working fine with RSA authentication against Cisco VPN Clients ...).
Thank you very much and see you soon
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