[vpn-help] Gui strangely changing config entries

Michael shrewlist at encambio.com
Wed Mar 31 07:49:32 CDT 2010

Hello list,

When using the Qt GUI to configure 'n:client-banner-enable:0' and
turn it off, I continue by pressing 'Save'. If I go back and look
at the configuration afterwards, then banner setting is enabled
again and set to 'n:client-banner-enable:1'. What is going on?

A similar problem (or misunderstanding) ocurrs when I set the
's:ident-client-type:asn1dn' to ASN.1. After saving and coming
back the entry is always set to 's:ident-client-type:fqdn'.

I'm using the Shrew ike daemon (packaged with the Qt client)
version 2.1.4 on Ubuntu Linux 9.10.

Does anyone know the reason for this strange behaviour?


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