[vpn-help] BSOD/crash worse in beta 4

Tim Mensch tim-shrewsoft at bitgems.com
Tue Mar 2 23:59:58 CST 2010

> Can you please try the new beta 5 on your desktop and see if the client 
> is more stable? There were a few fixes for a problem where IPv6 packets 
> were being incorrectly parsed as IPv4 packets. This could correct the 
> issue you are seeing from the look of the minidump you forwarded me.
OK, I'll give it a try. It's hard since it's my primary work desktop, 
and I have to leave it running for hours to see the crash--which means 
I'm inevitably deep in the debugging of some complex issue when I get 
the BSOD (I'm a programmer, if you haven't guessed).

The latest crash on my laptop (in beta 4) was likely the crash-on-sleep 
problem others have mentioned. I haven't seen my laptop crash while I've 
been using it, though I've returned to a dead computer twice now.

Any luck with the "policy not found" silent failure? I hit that state 
again tonight, though logging wasn't enabled when the failure occurred. 
Restarting all daemons with my script didn't help, either. But 
restarting the DNS and IPSEC daemons /again, /and then exiting and 
restarting the Windows client, did seem to fix the problem. Or maybe it 
went away after the computer sat for a while?


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