[vpn-help] 2.1.6 Beta 6 Available ...

Stefan Bauer stefan.bauer at cubewerk.de
Fri Mar 5 02:59:37 CST 2010

Am 05.03.2010 09:38, Matthew Grooms schrieb:
> All,
> I just posted 2.1.6 beta 6 on the download page. While investigating the 
> suspend resume problems, I noticed some other issues that are now 
> corrected. This includes a bug that prevented the daemons from handling 
> device handle error conditions gracefully. In particular, when the 
> filter driver unloaded, device handles were not being closed correctly. 
> This prevented the drivers from unloading unless you closed all apps and 
> services manually. Even worse, the ike daemon would enter a high 
> utilization loop consuming 100% CPU and never re-open its handle. These 
> issues have now been resolved.
> The other notable change was for the filter drivers to avoid problems 
> related to the Transparent DNS Proxy Daemon. The Shrew Soft client can 
> now be installed on the host computer along with VMWare or VirtualBox, 
> and no longer interferes with guest VM's DNS traffic. This should make 
> quite a few people happy since its a very commonly reported issue.


thanks for the update i just gave 2.1.6 beta 6 a try. Installation
went smoothly on a 64bit windows xp.

Unfortunately the problem with split dns still persists like
reported in "[vpn-help] splitdns feature not working"


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