[vpn-help] 2.1.6 Beta 6 Available ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Fri Mar 5 02:38:07 CST 2010


I just posted 2.1.6 beta 6 on the download page. While investigating the 
suspend resume problems, I noticed some other issues that are now 
corrected. This includes a bug that prevented the daemons from handling 
device handle error conditions gracefully. In particular, when the 
filter driver unloaded, device handles were not being closed correctly. 
This prevented the drivers from unloading unless you closed all apps and 
services manually. Even worse, the ike daemon would enter a high 
utilization loop consuming 100% CPU and never re-open its handle. These 
issues have now been resolved.

The other notable change was for the filter drivers to avoid problems 
related to the Transparent DNS Proxy Daemon. The Shrew Soft client can 
now be installed on the host computer along with VMWare or VirtualBox, 
and no longer interferes with guest VM's DNS traffic. This should make 
quite a few people happy since its a very commonly reported issue.



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