[vpn-help] Shrew Client and routing through AVM Fritz Router7270

Linwood Ferguson lferguson at thenewsgroup.com
Tue Mar 9 08:33:10 CST 2010

>>>The Virtual Wifi Miniport is used to have connection to more than one
WLAN simultanously. 

>>>It should only appear (together with a corresponding Virtual Wifi
Adapter)  after it is enabled manually via netsh 


That would make sense, but is not my experience.  I found it popped up


Perhaps that varies based on drivers, or windows versions, or some such?
Not sure.


But Microsoft did slide it in rather quietly.   


I'm delighted with Shrew now that I have disabled it, I have had no
further troubles.    Or well - not many.  Every couple of days I need to
restart the services for some reason (they are running, I am connected,
but no traffic passes - but that's really minor).




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