[vpn-help] Cannot route traffic to with Speedtouch 608

Henry Barker henry at paperstone.co.uk
Mon Mar 15 12:22:51 CDT 2010

>I think your settings are incorrect. A network definition of 
>means -> If you want to negotiate a single SA that 
>sends all traffic via the tunnel, use or don't specify 
>any networks ( leave the list blank ). But for that to work correctly, 
>the gateway probably needs an identical policy configuration ( which it 
>looks like it has from your log output ).

Apologies, I was a bit sloppy with my description, I am using or as the network definition.

When I leave the list blank and tick 'Obtain Topology Automatically..', the
default route of is not added and all traffic not bound to the
remote LAN ( goes through out through the standard network I'm
connected to. With this configuration I can route traffic to
through the tunnel successfully. Does this mean that my router is not
passing across configuration information to set up 

Does this suggest I need to add a different policy configuration on my
router? I have tried adding as one of the 'trusted local networks'
but this makes no difference. I'm struggling to get much help with the
Speedtouch, as it doesn't seem to be a widely used piece of kit. 

Many thanks - any ideas more than appreciated! 


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