[vpn-help] Cannot route traffic to with Speedtouch 608

Henry Barker henry at paperstone.co.uk
Tue Mar 16 08:38:46 CDT 2010

>Does this suggest I need to add a different policy configuration on my
>router? I have tried adding as one of the 'trusted local
>but this makes no difference. I'm struggling to get much help with the
>Speedtouch, as it doesn't seem to be a widely used piece of kit. 

I've got this working after a fair bit more playing with the configuration
of my router. In the Speedtouch web admin I configured the VPN Server 'Local
trusted networks' page with first, and my local lan second. I then added both of these manually as Remote
Network Resources in the Shrewsoft client configuration. All internet
traffic is routed via the Speedtouch, and I can also access the remote
private LAN.

Thanks for your help!



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