[vpn-help] racoon & ike: Missing the last tiny bit ... [solved?]

Clemens Perz cperz at gmx.net
Fri Mar 19 07:47:32 CDT 2010

Hi Stefan,

I could get it to work - changed the local host address method from 
virtual adapter to existing adapter. Full access to my vpn :)

-> this looks like it needs something more to get the tap thing working

No I went back to my windows configuration and changed it there too - 
and wow, it works and connects much faster!

Do you know if using this setting on windows still uses the shrewsoft 
virtual adapter?


Clemens Perz wrote:
> Stefan Bauer wrote:
>> Am 19.03.2010 10:53, Clemens Perz schrieb:
>>> Hi all!
>>> I am suffering from a lack of genius here :))
>>> A debian lenny with racoon up and running serves as vpn backend. 
>>> Originally, I created a working configuration using the Shrewsoft client 
>>> for Windows, used that for a while and it still works perfect.
>>> Now I want the same thing on Ubuntu Karmic, i.e. 9.10. First I just 
>>> installed the client, imported my existing configuration and connected 
>>> to the server. Everything fine, it connects, gets the config, creates 
>>> the tap0, sets the routes. But when I ping one of the private hosts 
>>> inside the vpn no packages find their way back and ping just says nothing.
>>> When I trace the packages with tcpdump I see that all targets return the 
>>> right stuff, so the ping packages are routed to the target, processed 
>>> and answered. The answer package has the ip of the pinged host as 
>>> source, the tap0 ip as target and should do fine. That happens with all 
>>> protocols - I see the routing working, but the requesting application 
>>> gets nothing.
>> Do you see at the ubuntu client side any icmp-answers incoming at
>> network layer?
>> Does it work to ping from the vpn-server to the ubuntu client?
>> Could you also please try if setting 1 or 0 to
>> /proc/sys/net/ipv6/bindv6only does change anything?
>> Stefan
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