[vpn-help] 'gateway is not responding' problem with Shrew soft VPN client

KrishnaMohan Bandi krishnamohan.bandi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 09:28:25 CDT 2011

Another thing I wanted to say was the same client configuration perfectly
works when I try from
a Windows XP machine. The tunnel is always established and I do not see any
issues at all. On
both the Windows and Linux, the client version is same (2.1.7). I do not
understand what is that
Windows XP does to get the tunnel established and Linux is not doing. Please
note that firewall
has been disabled on both the machines.


On 31 August 2011 15:13, KrishnaMohan Bandi <krishnamohan.bandi at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello all,
>  Problem:
> The VPN client fails to connect to my gateway.
> After clicking connect, the client reports the tunnel is
> enabled and it stays on for ~15-20 seconds and shows
> *'gateway is not responding'* message before disabling the tunnel.
> When it says the tunnel is enabled, I do not see any Security
> Association (SAs) Established/Expired/Failed under the Network tab.
> Another most annoying thing is, the same client configuration works
> on windows. I do not understand what is that Windows OS does to get
> the tunnel established and missing from Linux OS. On both Windows
> and Linux, the firewall is disabled.
> To Reproduce:
> Connect to any Digi Transport DR64 VPN Gateway.
> VPN Client Version = 2.1.7 release
> Unix OS Version = Ubuntu 10.04 LTS; kernel: 2.6.32-31-generic
> Gateway Make/Model = Digi Transport DR64
> Gateway OS Version = Not known
> ikedebug-31082011.tgz [attachment]
> Any help on this is highly appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance.
> Regards,
> KM
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