[vpn-help] dhcp over ipsec doesnt work with Fortinet firewalls on 2.1.7

beaven67 at aim.com beaven67 at aim.com
Thu Jan 27 12:03:50 CST 2011


 I have an existing setup with version 2.1.5 and everything works fine but with version 2.1.7 the DHCP over IPSEC configuration option is not working. If I manually configure the ip address for the VPN client to use it works. Has anyone seen this before and is there a known workaround?

Gateway devices Involved : Fortinet 80C,110C, 60B

VPN configuration type and encryption:

Standard ipsec vpn. 
phase1: 3des/sha1 sa timeout 28800 
phase2: 3des/sha1 dhgroup5 sa life 1800
quickmode is defined with given pool subnet and internal net
using   Mutual PSK+Xauth authentication option.
using a defined policy for internal subnet for ipsec traffic.
Client configuration:
Windows 7 64bit all updated patches as of 1/25/2011
shrew client version 2.1.7

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