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Matthew, I'll help debug this when you are ready.

This is the Win7 (Vista too I guess) Credential Provider functionality,
correct?  Do you have any sort of a prognosis report on this feature?


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> Secure Domain Login is a feature I'm working on at the moment. It
> will allow users to connect to a site from the native the Windows
> Vista/7 Login screen as part of the login process. The idea is that
> corporate users may have laptops that have been joined to a Windows
> Domain. In this case, a VPN connection should be established before
> the Windows Login occurs so that it can be processed by the Domain
> controller.

Hi Matthew,

Very interesting and useful.  Is there any chance that the same code
can be used to have Shrew automatically connect to a gateway either
after login (for machines not on a Windows domain) or when traffic for
a specific destination is detected?
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