[vpn-help] FW: New 2.2.0 Alpha 11 Build Available

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Wed Jan 12 11:36:12 CST 2011

On 1/12/2011 9:52 AM, gregmail at outtacyte.com wrote:
> WooHoo!!
> Matthew, I'll help debug this when you are ready.
> This is the Win7 (Vista too I guess) Credential Provider functionality,
> correct?  Do you have any sort of a prognosis report on this feature?

Hi Greg,

Yes. Its implemented as a Credential Provider and coming along nicely. 
Most of the work to support it was actually modifying the client code 
base to offer public profiles and to push all the reusable client code 
into the libike dll. The Credential Provider UI is ready to go. I just 
need to glue the client code to the Credential Provider which should be 
a relatively simple task. We already have 3 UI front ends ( CLI, Win32 
and Qt ), why not one more? :)

Thanks for offering to test this new feature. I hope to have something 
usable by Monday morning.


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