[vpn-help] VPN established, no traffic can pass through.

Kevin VPN kvpn at live.com
Wed Apr 11 21:11:47 CDT 2012

On 04/04/2012 08:26 AM, Michael Wade wrote:
> We can establish the VPN, but when we try to ping the VPN gateway
> ( we get a message from the local client gateway (10.100.1.x)
> that the destination host is unreachable. Pings to VPN side IP's fail.
> Route
> IPv4 Route Table
> ========================================================================
> ===
> Active Routes:
> Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface
> Metric
> 10
>         On-link
> 31
> We've tried ripping out all of the network adapters, clearing the
> routes, reinstalling the software, but can't get anywhere with it. Any
> help would be appreciated.

Hi Michael,

I think the problem is that your default route ( has a lower 
metric than the Shrew/VPN routes.  See if this thread helps you resolve 
the issue:

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