[vpn-help] Shrewsoft VPN v.2.2.2 don't work with Windows 8.1 64bit | Solution

Michael Jeschak Michael.Jeschak at gmx.de
Tue Dec 3 01:45:51 CST 2013

Hi Folk,

Late answer. My solution: deinstalling Shrew-Soft, installing NCP
client, connecting with sample session one time, after that installing
shrew-soft and deinstalling NCP and - all works fine ... on my machines
;-) Good Luck ...


Am 28.10.2013 08:39, schrieb Michael Jeschak:
> Dear Sirs,
> I'm using several connections to different gateways. Since XP it works
> fine, also at last with W8-64. But since upgrading to 8.1 64 bit no
> connection works.
> The access-manager starts as usuall, connections regarsless if with
> XAUTH or not, but always with PSK, don't work.
> After "Bringing up tunnel ..." a timeout occurs
> negotiation timeout occurs
> tunnel diabled
> detached from key daemon
> Some of the target gateways are reachable over ISDN. There I can see,
> that no communication is receiving from the VPN-Client.
> My Internetconnection is done over a Wireless Intel 135 and a bintec
> rs232bw gateway. If I use an other machine running W7-64 all works fine,
> as it would be before upgrading my machine to Windows 8.1.
> Is there a solution available?
> With best regards
> Mike
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Mit freundlichem Gruß

Michael Jeschak

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