[vpn-help] cant connect client to site over vpn

ariel rodriguez parrabarria at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 9 16:03:06 CST 2013

Problem:The VPN client fails to connect to my gateway after configuring the juniper and client using https://www.shrew.net/support/Howto_Juniper_SSG. A vpn trace produces this:
13/12/10 08:52:51 >= : cookies f0f1b2e404606bde:000000000000000013/12/10 08:52:51 >= : message 0000000013/12/10 08:52:51 -> : send IKE packet -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:500 ( 1173 bytes )13/12/10 08:52:51 DB : phase1 resend event scheduled ( ref count = 2 )13/12/10 08:52:56 -> : resend 1 phase1 packet(s) [0/2] -> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:500
This repeats quite a few times,on the juniper the log says negotiations have been aborted due to timeout.Ive checked the fqdn sting to make sure there correct since other threads have said this could be an issue. Also im not sure if this is an issue but the network has no WINS server configured so i have left that blank in the xauth settings in the juniper.
VPN Client Version = 2.2.2Windows OS Version = Windows 7 pro 64bitGateway Make/Model = Juniper ssg 20Gateway OS Version = 5.4.0 r1
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