[vpn-help] Windows 8, client 2.2.2 connecting but not pinging

Kevin VPN kvpn at live.com
Mon Dec 9 21:58:41 CST 2013

On 12/08/2013 11:59 AM, Timo wrote:
> Kevin VPN <kvpn at ...> writes:
>> Hi Timo,
>> I notice that on your machines, you have manually configured an IP
>> address for the virtual adapter, on your work machine,
>> on your home machine.  What happens if you give your home
>> machine the IP address instead?
> Hi Kevin,
> Nothing. I tried 23 also on home computer. They are different IP's so I
> could connect my worklaptop and home computer at the same time to the VPN,
> if need be. (Which isnt working as hoped so far:)
> I tried also to give administrator permissions to everything that has even
> slight chance to be involved to the connections.
> Probably my next step will be clean installation of the windows 8, or
> downgrade back to 7.

Hi Timo,

Another thing to try.  On Windows 8, there seems to be a difference 
between running as a user named Administrator and running with elevated 
privilege.  You need to get the User Access Control (UAC) prompt to come 
up in order to get the elevated privilege.

Run the VPN Trace Utility with escalated privilege and use it to start 
and stop the Shrew services.  The easiest way to do that on Win8 is to 
right-click the VPN Trace Utility on the start page, then choose Pin to 
taskbar.  Then go to the Desktop and right click the VPN Trace Utility 
icon in the tray and choose Run as Administrator.  This should bring up 
the UAC prompt so you can say Yes and run the Trace utility with 
escalated privilege.

Once there, use the Stop button to first stop the IKE Service, then 
click to the IPSEC Service tab and stop it too.  Then Start the IPSEC 
Service, click to the IKE Service tab and Start it.

Then do the same steps to run the VPN Acces Manager with escalated 
privilege and connect to the VPN.

See if that helps.

If not, can you use the VPN Trace Utility to stop the IKE and IPSEC 
services again, then provide the output from a 'netstat -ano' run from a 
CMD prompt?

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