[vpn-help] XP-After installing the client I can connect. But after I reboot, connections time out.

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I have no other VPN Client installed!
It's a Lenovo T61 8889-W1T Notebook with XP Lenovo Driver installed, for example Bluetooth Driver.... , but no other VPN Clients.


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> Subject: Re: [vpn-help] XP-After installing the client I can connect. But after I reboot, connections time out.
> On 6/7/2013 9:55 AM, yes123 yes123 wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a Software-Firewall and Antivirus installed.
> > For testing I deactivate the firewall and there is the same problem.
> > I think there must be another reason, because the first time I install
> > the VPN Client and then immediately I test the connection and it works !!
> > Later, after reboot there is NO connection possible.
> > I can reproduce this every time, because i make a new installation and
> > before i install the VPN Client, i make a harddisk-image!
> > I restore the image, then i install the VPN Client, then i import the
> > connection settings from an other XP-PC-Workstation and then i make a
> > connection, the connection is OK. I test this 2 or 3 times. And after
> > reboot the connection is NOT possible.
> > What is about the log files, i sent? What say the logfiles?
> >
> Hi Alex,
> Do you have another VPN client installed on the computer? They have a 
> tendency to re-order the priority of the layered filter drivers and have 
> a tenancy to swallow return packets that are intended for another VPN 
> client. The Shrew Soft VPN client tries very hard to not step on the 
> toes of other clients. We only process return packets that we know are 
> intended for us ( based on src/dst IP and ports and ISAKMP cookie info ) 
> and pass everything else back up the network stack. Other VPN clients 
> have a tendency to blindly eat inbound IKE packets :(
> -Matthew
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