[vpn-help] Two ShrewVPN Client Issues

McIlhargey, Bill Bill.McIlhargey at inin.com
Thu Jun 20 18:50:06 CDT 2013

I have two items (both relate to beta 2.2.2 Professional)

One - if you check the box to auto reconnect in preferences, if I type the wrong password it keeps trying to reconnect with the wrong password over and over.

Two - I have recently tried using Split DNS.  If I check to enable it and uncheck the auto split dns, when I specify a domain, other domain requests still go over this vpn.  Is there a way to tell it that if the domain is not listed in the config for split dns then to use my local network adapter?

What happens is inin.com on our corporate network resolves differently than on an external network.  So if I am at my corporate office on the network and try to VPN to another network, it sends the DNS traffic over the tunnel and resolves a different IP.

Thank you,

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