[vpn-help] Linux client 2.2.1 crash: double free or corruption

Arthur Titeica arthur at psw.ro
Fri Jun 21 13:01:56 CDT 2013

În ziua de Joi 20 Iun 2013, la 23:33:39, Arthur Titeica a scris:

> I'm having a crash when trying to start the client (ikec or qikec) on
> Archlinux X64.
> The crash is posted at http://paste.kde.org/779186/raw/

> > Could you please make clean, then re-run the cmake with the suggested
> > command line parameters for your Linux, but also include the -DDEBUG
> > option. This will include symbols that will make the backtrace more
> > useful.

Hello, thanks for the input.

I've modified the build method by including -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug and I 
disabled "striping".

The crash log looks similar but this time I've run it through gdb which 
provides a little more info.

The log is here: http://paste.kde.org/780116/raw/

I hope this is useful.


Arthur Titeica
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