[vpn-help] New 2.2.2 RC-2 Available ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Wed Jun 26 23:36:13 CDT 2013


I just uploaded a new 2.2.2 release candidate to the site. This release 
includes several fixes for performing unattended installations from the 
command line. I'm still working on documentation updates that will be 
available along with the final release. To following installer command 
line options are now available ...

/S		Perform an unattended installation
/STANDARD	Install the standard vs the professional edition
/NODNS		Don't install Split DNS support
/NODSL		Don't install Secure AD/Domain Login support
/NOMENU		Don't create start menu shortcuts
/NODESK		Don't create desktop shortcuts

I'm also still refining the auto-reconnect support. In particular, the 
reconnect attempt should cancel if the user authentication fails. I'm 
hoping to get the final release out by the beginning of next week.



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