[vpn-help] New 2.2.2 RC-3 Available ...

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Thu Jun 27 23:35:54 CDT 2013


I just uploaded a new 2.2.2 release candidate to the site. The major bug 
fixed in this release was a problem that caused a Standard edition 
install to start the Professional edition trial period. So if a user 
tried to re-install a Professional edition several weeks after trying 
the standard version, the trial period would already have expired. The 
trial period logic was also changed so that newer releases will reset 
the trial period even if it had expired previously. This should work 
around the previously mentioned issue as well as allow users to try out 
newer versions of the Professional edition as they are released. Also, 
the auto-reconnect feature was modified to only attempt reconnect after 
the initial connection succeeds. This prevents the client from looping 
during connect, for example, if invalid user credentials were entered.

As long as no major issues are reported, this will be the last release 
candidate before the final release. It's just a matter of documentation 
updates at this point.



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