[vpn-help] Cannot Re-install VPN Client

Gerd Röthig gerd_roethig at web.de
Thu Mar 21 15:18:38 CDT 2013

To get more light on this issue, perhaps some more information about
the "strange problems" which occurred beforehand would be helpful.

As it seems that the networking subsystem in general got corrupted
somehow, I would suggest uninstalling ALL network drivers (ethernet
and WLAN). Preferrably, this is done in Safe Mode (hit F8 before
Windows start screen appears when booting).

You will have to enable "show hidden devices" in Device Manager to see
all devices installed.

It could also not hurt to search for a BIOS update using another
working computer and install it on your laptop (if available). After
that, I'd suggest updating the chipset drivers. If there is no update,
just re-install them using Device Manager or the included Setup
program from the driver package.
After that, reboot the laptop.

The drivers for ethernet and WLAN should be found automatically. If
not, now is a good time to search for updated version of those drivers
and install them.
After finishing the driver installation, verify that the networking
subsystem is functional again (are you able to access the Internet?)

Perhaps re-setting the Winsock catalog to its defaults can help then.
Run the command

netsh winsock reset catalog

in a CMD window as an administrator. Reboot the computer afterwards.
If you are still not able to access the Internet, things are getting
more difficult. You could then try uninstalling and re-installing the
TCP/IP protocol.

If everything, however, went fine, and you could access the Internet
from that laptop:

Now you should be ready for installing Shrew Soft VPN Client.

Good luck!


2013/3/21 Rodney Barnett <barnett at ploughman-analytics.com>:
> I'm having some strange problems with the networking on a laptop running
> Windows XP.  As part of fixing that I'm trying to do a clean re-install of
> the Shrew Soft VPN Client.
> The initial uninstall reported no errors.  However, a re-install reports the
> following error, but continues to completion upon clicking OK:
> ---------------------
>     Error 0x8000f0203: Couldn't install the network component
>     Possible cause:
>     There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.
> ---------------------
> After the installation, an attempt to establish a VPN connection fails with
> "network unavailable".
> A subsequent uninstall reports the following error, but continues to
> completion:
> ---------------------
>     Error 0x1: Couldn't get an interface pointer to pflt.
>     Possible cause:
>     Incorrect function.
> ---------------------
> Repeating the cycle gives the same results even after a reboot.
> Can anyone suggest a method to clean this up?
> Thanks.
> Rodney
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