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Jason Lewis jlewis at 2co.com
Wed Aug 13 15:33:22 CDT 2014


You may be experiencing the same problem I am.  Try this and see:

1.       Connect to your VPN

2.       Immediately start a continuous ping to a system on the other side of the tunnel.

3.       See if the ping works for about 30 seconds then dies.

I haven’t had  a lot of time to troubleshoot this, but I suspect it has something to do with the Linux-specific code.  I could be wrong.

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I've just setup shrew 2.2 on my ubuntu 14.04 and setup a connection to my Juniper SSG device (PSK+Xauth).
The tunnel is up, I get the correct route on my device but there is absolutely no traffic on my tap device.
The same setup with shrew 2.2 under windows is working.
Do you have an ideas about this issue?
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